Sally's Spa

Sally's Spa

Run your own beauty spa


  • Very easy to play
  • Great cartoon graphics


  • Too many pop up warnings

Very good

Sally seems to own just about everything - a burger joint, a restaurant, a hairdressers and now a spa.

Your aim in Sally's Spa is to satisfy as many people as possible by giving them a spa to remember. The better job you do, the more money and custom you make. You can pamper your customers with everything from multiple facials to manicures and deep massages. As you expand, you have 65 upgrade options available to make your spa the most comprehensive and best equipped in town.

However, the point is not to just give your customers random facials or massages - you have to select which is the best treatment according to your customer profile. If you get it right, you'll earn more money but if not, you might not even get paid and your satisfaction rating will decrease. If you do manage to expand, you can choose from new furniture, bigger and more luxurious saunas, bigger waiting rooms and more professional equipment. The main annoyance of the game is the pop ups warning you of a problem or even commending you for a job well done. The problem is you have to click on these to get rid of them and it would be better if they just disappeared on their own.

Sally's Spa is a fun and original game that has some great cartoon style graphics and if you're a fan of Diner Dash, then you'll particularly enjoy the fast paced action.

Sally's Spa


Sally's Spa

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